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Root Creative Global 

Under the brand slogan, ‘100 years from now’ Root Creative Global has something defiant to say to the world.

Root Creative Global team enlisted me to create their brand identity by exploring the theme of bold expression.   

This translated into a branding system ranging from the logo, typography to the brand animation.

Brand Logo

Old Logo 

New Logo 

Old Root Logo in black.png
Root Logo_Wordmark_with stacked O_T with semicircles_Black_With Lines.png
Root Logo_Wordmark_with stacked O_T with semicircles_Black_12_10_23_05.png
Root Creative Colour Pallette.png
Root Creative Typography.png

Brand Icon

This brand icon comprises of a blue and green gradient textured angular shape. 

It is inspired by the concept that Earth is a playground of endless possibilities, which we all live in and are responsible for. 

Root Creative Mobile on a woody tree cutout-with icon  03.png
Root Creative Fly Poster 02 i.png
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